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Secologanin is an important iridoid in the formation of indole alkaloids. It is (with tryptamine) the direct precursor of strictosidine, the general intermediate in indole alkaloid biosynthesis.

Secologanin can be won from several plant sources. The genera Symphoricarpos, Lonicera and Weigela are all known for high concentrations, but extraction can be time-consuming.

A commercial product has been available in the past from a renowned chemical supplier, but as this turned out to be less than 45% pure, instead of the acclaimed 95%, it has been withdrawn from the market. Now, Phytoconsult  delivers this product to the supplier, but you can also order it directly from us.

Phytoconsult  routinely prepares secologanin in a fairly straightforward procedure, with an approx. 95% pure product as result.
A product sheet and HPLC-based quality analysis data are supplied with the compound.

For info about quantities and prices, please inquire via e-mail to info@phytoconsult.nl .

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