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Natural product research

Phytoconsult  is an independent research agency, aiming to work on projects involving plant compounds. It offers a variety of activities on the subject of phytochemistry - the chemistry of plant constituents.

Phytoconsult  is run by Teus Luijendijk, Ph.D., and is officially based in Delfgauw, The Netherlands. Through close contacts with Leiden University's Natural product Lab, part of the Institute for Biology Leiden, it mainly operates in Leiden on projects for third parties involving phytochemistry.
The academic setting provides an optimal environment for its goals. Not only does the collaboration ensure an up-to-date handling of projects, it also gives the opportunity to use the extensive range of University facilities available. Many of these are invaluable when it comes to determination, structure elucidation and/or isolation of natural compounds. There are, for instance, wide-ranging facilities for literature studies and for the fractionation of complex mixtures (like plant extracts), especially through Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC), a technique that has been used extensively for many years now. Many spectrometric methods are available for the identification of isolated compounds. Good results have been obtained in fractionation of natural extracts and in the purification and structure elucidation of active components.

Thus, Phytoconsult  can boast to have most - if not all - necessary experience and facilities close at hand for dealing with projects involving plant compounds.